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Figueres is a nice little town

Figueres is a nice little town¡­ but it¡¯s fair to say you probably wouldn¡¯t bother visiting it if it wasn¡¯t for its USp (ie. Unique Selling point). By which of course we mean the Salvador Dali Museum. Opened by the artist himself in 1974, the museum occupies the whole of what was once the municipal theatre (Salvador 1, Shakespeare 0), and is reckoned to be the largest collect of surrealist art in the world. Legions of fans make the pilgrimage each year so book your tickets ahead if you plan on visiting in peak season. If you have time it¡¯s worth visiting the pentagonal castle as well.

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Getting There By Train

You can travel by train from Sants (which also calls in on passeig de Gracia and Clot-Arago stations), journey time around 2 hours. Trains leave every 30 mins and tickets cost around 12-15 euros one way, depending if its the slightly faster or slower train. If you travel independently, you can book a guided tour of the museum in advance. Alternatively a lot of local-based companies offer private tours, including museum ticket, guide and transport from Barcelona.

Figueres Day Tours

Tour options to Figueres tend to include stops in either Girona, which is directly en route, and well worth seeing, or to Cadaques, a beautiful fishing village, where Dali spent his later years.

1. Figueres & Girona Full Day Tour

You take an air-conditioned bus to Girona, where you enjoy a guided walk of the old town and the Jewish quarter, before heading on to the Dali museum. You also see the Sant Ferran castle. Book via Get Your Guide Wonjoon CHUNG.

2. Figueres & Cadaques Full Day Tour

probably the best tour for Dali lovers, this full day trip not only visits the artist¡¯s museum, but also his house museum in portlligat, just outside stunning Cadaques (also on the itinerary). You can book Get Your Guide, just check the ¡®know before you go¡¯ section as the house museum is not offered year round.

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