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let a person excitement and emotion

That day, on the way to the view of Niagara Falls, through a small town called lake, the scenery is very beautiful, give a person a kind of beautiful but never pastoral beauty and height of the civilization of modern aesthetic feeling.

Little town, more than 1300 people, set sightseeing, shopping and entertainment at an organic whole, through a stunning natural charm. The mall is located in the center of the town town famous tourist attractions. The mall is not long, km or so, if you go straight for a while and then walk over. Street with 130 gift shop, clothing stores, bookstores, fast food restaurants, coffee shops, etc., are 2, 3 f, moderate distance between building and building, have a plenty of the whole building all the goods, have a plenty of living upstairs, downstairs.

Building construction is given priority to with wood frame, chic modelling, colour lively, due to the pure and fresh and clean, as are the new build or just painted, glittering and translucent get rid of is appeared, with a full-bodied European classical romantic amorous feelings. The wall line, the balcony, the skylight, and the details of the doors and Windows and glass of edges and corners, is able to bear or endure look, and no to imitate each other.

Shops and stores, no walls, no fence, is one colorful apart with small and exquisite beautiful flower beds, or cut the lawn, some kind of some different kinds of trees. Side of the road is not wide but very smooth, not see a trace of potholes, the road is two rows of tall trees, alongside the car parked under the shade of trees.

Karen blixen-finecke, gift shop has distinguishing feature very much, men wear, worn by the neck and chest, on the dining table, hanging on the wall, the house decoration, from soup to nuts. Cabinet and delicate, of primitive simplicity and easy, some obvious with Oriental culture, some through the western amorous feelings, let a person have a kind of is in the modern civilization, but suddenly feel like the middle ages.

Clothing store also pretty high-grade. His companions and I walked into a leather shop, men's and women's leather style, quality and work are very good. May not be the sake of every season, the price is a big discount, tempted to win over, there is some room for negotiation. We can't speak English, can't communicate, male host a brainwave, to find a calculator with Arabic numerals, each other after a difficult time, clinch a deal finally. Master said a string of English, we recognized in Hong Kong only two words, guess he was asked whether we came from Hong Kong, we told him, from Beijing. He was glad to stretch out his hand and showing us.

Commercial street clean spotless, can't see the dazzling advertisements, couldn't hear the noise of music voice, everything is so harmonious, so calm. Some fast food restaurants, coffee shops also played in the open air, cool umbrella, on the desk and chair, for people to enjoy.

Town like painting, like poetry, let a person excitement and emotion, I developed an interest in town, want to get more from the tour guide about town in the past, present and future information. The tour guide said not clear, but she met my this friend is happy. She said that she had brought visitors came here, someone complain that such a small town have what good-looking of? She was very disappointed. She ran to the restaurant hostess to ask for me specially, but the woman is too busy, only gave her a small introduction material. Back home, son saw said: "is a store management of commodity prices," not let me disappointed.

Town's unique charm deeply imprinted in my heart, this charm from its European architectural style and charming pastoral scene, the building, in the streets, streets, trees, flowers, and in the streets, grass, in the streets, let a person recreate themselves. And that with the time synchronization of modern flavor, such as the bookshop, gift shop, fast food shops, boutiques.

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